Wednesday, 14 December 2016

5 things that used to cost money, but you can now get for free.

Although it seems like prices on goods and services only ever go up (have you checked what is happening with car insurance? - the greedy sods) if you look around, there are some things you can now get for free, largely due to what we call "disruptors" in the market place.

These are the firms who see another way of doing things and the consumer goes on to benefit by the price either dropping or the product/ service becoming completely free as they "disrupt" the marketplace.

1- Motor Legal Protection - yes our favourite. For decades motorists have paid an extra £30 to their insurers or brokers for a 12 month motor legal protection/ legal expenses insurance policy. Since 2012 Free Motor Legal has been offering all motorists in England, Scotland & Wales a free alternative. Not only that but the free membership lasts for life, so no 12 month offer for new customers only. A full lifetime free membership, saving motorists millions every year. Join free today at

 2 - Your Credit Score - Until recently you always had to pay to get your credit score or pay a subscription. Now firms like offer this for free and the big credit reference agencies like Experian have followed.

3- Music on the internet - . In the early days of the internet, you could listen to music for free (albeit illegally) on Napster. Then, you had to pay for music through iTunes,  or similar services. Now we’re back to free music through apps such as Spotify and Pandora.

 4 - Sat Nav / GPS - Previously you had to go out and buy a separate sat nav unit to stick on the wondscreen of your car, usually spending upwards of £100 and then needing to update the maps etc.  If you have a smartphone (who doesn't?), there’s really no reason to do so. There are plenty of free GPS apps that work perfectly fine. Google Maps for example.

5- Long Distance phone calls -  If you don’t have a phone plan that already gives you free long-distance calls, check out services such as Skype and Google Voice, which allow you to make calls for free.

Can you name some more?