Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Solved - the increase motorists are seeing from IPT hike
Instead of being nearly £100m worse off, Britain can be £219m better off!

With no shortage of news stories appearing about the affect the rise in Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) caused on 1st November, data from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) says that 7.3 million car policies will be affected with an average increase of £13.00

This means that aside from any other reasons for prices increasing, Britain will be paying £94.9m more in premiums solely as a result of the IPT increase.

There is no way of avoiding the IPT increase and insurers are not absorbing the costs, so motorists need to stay on their guard to make sure they can still get the best value for money. Enter Free Motor Legal, a UK based company that offer all motorists in England, Scotland & Wales a genuine free alternative to paying for motor legal protection insurance.

Motor legal protection is usually sold as an add-on in addition to the basic motor insurance policy and a typical annual premium for motor legal protection is £30. By offering all British motorists free lifetime membership, Free Motor Legal can completely reverse the additional charges the UK motorist is seeing from an increase of nearly £100m to actual savings of up to £219m! 

If those 7.3 million car drivers opted to choose a free alternative to motor legal protection, that would be 7.3m people saving up to £30 a year from their motor insurance costs, adding up to a staggering £219m!

Managing Director of Free Motor Legal, Lee Jones, said “Motor insurance premiums are already on an upward trend and any further increases due to the tax levy are an unwelcome sight for motorists.”

Jones went on to add “By offering a free membership scheme which provides lifetime membership, this saves most motorists around £30 from their annual motor insurance costs. Households with several vehicles can see significant savings as most insurers sell a motor legal protection policy for each separately insured vehicle.. Because we are not selling an insurance product, we are also exempt from having to add IPT”

This offers key savings for any motorist who is paying for motor legal protection, be it for cars, vans or motorcycles. Better still, this is not a one-time-only offer or only available to new customers. With free lifetime membership, there is no need to renew membership each year and the savings therefore continue.

This offers motorists great savings but also the flexibility to still choose who they insure with each year and therefore shop around as there are no rewards with the insurers for remaining a loyal customer.