Monday, 20 July 2015

Free Motor Legal scoops an award

That's right, we have been selected by BBC Radio 2's resident Business Expert Nick Brown as Small Business of the Week!  #smallbusinessoftheweek 

Nick said "I first came across this company when the managing director of Free Motor legal, Lee Jones, rang me when I was on The Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2 ‪#‎R2Vine‬ a few months ago to tell Jeremy and I and the programme's six million listeners all about his business. The more I found out about it the more I liked the concept."

"Free Motor Legal was established in order to provide all motorists in England, Scotland & Wales with a way of making sure they had all the necessary assistance after a non-fault collision, but without the need to charge them for an annual policy. It is 100% FREE. To find out more visit or see them on Twitter at Free Motor Legal Well done Lee and the team."

We are delighted to be chosen for this award and it helps to single out our product and service, which is unique compared to the UK motor insurance industry, by offering motorists a free and genuine alternative to buying motor legal protection cover.

We remain committed to saving as many motorists on their annual insurance costs as possible and aim to save the UK motorist over £100 million a year. These savings are welcomed at a time that insurance premiums are increasing and a further rise is expected in November when Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) increases, which will put all premiums up across the board.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Insurers don't want to provide data in relation to "add on" products to help consumers decide on the "value" of the product.

Legal Expenses Insurance or Motor Legal Protection is an insurance "add on"

A lot of the focus of the report from the Financial Conduct Authority into the sale of add-ons was relating to products like Gap Cover, but Legal Protection insurance also comes under this banner.

An article in a trade magazine Insurance Age  reveals that providing such information would be a very difficult task and the insurance lobby will argue that it won't help consumers decide.

Our position is that the insurers and brokers do not want to provide any data such as the amount of claims where motor legal protection policies have actually paid out any costs or fees as they rarely if ever do so!

Our own insider knowledge is that often the motor legal protection policy that many people buy for around £30.00 each year as an add-on to their main motor insurance policy actually cost somewhere in the region of £0.50p to £1.00. The mark up is therefore incredible at almost 3000%!

The reasons the core cost of the product to the insurer or broker selling the legal protection policy is so low is that the policies seldom, if ever, pay out any legal fees. The solicitors who get appointed to deal with the claims work are essentially told never to claim for any fees if they lose a case and therefore the actual underwriter of the policy never has to pay out any money. Hence why the basic cost is as low as 50p.

If the claim does not appear to have "reasonable prospects of success" they will refuse to take the case on, so that no legal fees are incurred. Again, allowing the cost of the underwriting to be very low and the mark up and commission eared by the insurer or broker who sells you the motor legal protection policy very high.

We feel that insurers should have to reveal their claims cost exposure and the outlays they have had to make in relation to the number of claims they have had notified. We feel this would expose the true underlying fact that whilst motor legal expenses insurance/ motor legal protection is a good thing to have, the actual value of the product in terms of what you are being charged for relative to what the unit cost of the product is and the lack of any real risk the underwriting insurers face represents a product that consumers are being over charged for.

The alternative to being over charged is to look at the free alternatives like Free Motor Legal

Monday, 6 July 2015

The 6/7/15 Brighton Bus Crash
Might the injured victims and their families go without compensation?

York, 6th July 2015 – Managing director of Free Motor Legal, Lee Jones, observes that Brighton and Hove Buses managing director Martin Harris said: "We are exploring all the possible causes and that includes the suggestion that there may have been some sort of medical episode involving the driver." This harks back to the tragic accident in Glasgow on 22nd December 2014 when 6 people were killed and many more injured when the bin lorry driver fell unconscious at the wheel. In such circumstances, unless negligence against the driver or the vehicle operators can be established, claims for losses and compensation for injury and death may struggle to succeed.

Compensation is something that will be far from the minds of the injured passengers and their families at the moment, but once the extent of some injuries start to take hold and prevent people from earning a living or they are restricted with their lives, the thought of seeking redress becomes more prominent. At the moment the questions of “how and why” will prevail the most. It could simply have been an error of judgment and fortunately, most public service vehicles are now equipped with CCTV cameras that record both inside and outside footage from the vehicles, so this may shed some light on what happened and assist the investigation greatly, along with any eye witness accounts   Managing Director and Road Accident Lawyer, Lee Jones, who has been working in the insurance and road accident claims industry for 20 years says “in the event the driver has suffered a sudden and unexpected “medical episode” that was not foreseeable and was an unknown condition to him, proving the accident arose as a result of negligence may prove very difficult and any potential claims may fail.”He went on to explain that “it is not enough to merely show people suffered injuries and losses, it must be proven that on the balance of probabilities, the collision and resulting injuries arose due to the negligence of the bus driver or his employers. If a defence exists of automatism in that the driver was suddenly overcome with a medical condition that caused him to lose consciousness, the insurers of the bus company may well resist any claims”. Certainly it is too early to speculate accurately on the cause of the collision, but if it was due to a “medical episode” that was not known or detectable, then injured parties may have a hard time getting redress.

The bin lorry crash from December 2014 is a case in point, where the driver fell unconscious at the wheel and the investigation has revealed no known medical conditions pre-existed the incident and there had been no failure by the driver to take say medication or seek medical advice which then lead to the incident. Lawyers acting for any of the Glasgow victims and their families are likely to face a tough time gaining compensation for their clients. Hopefully the investigators will soon be able to find a cause.
Free Motor Legal provides a free lifetime membership to all motorists in England, Scotland & Wales saving them around £30 per annum for each vehicle they have insured and avoiding the need to purchase a motor legal protection policy. In 2015 we aim to save the UK over £100 million in motor legal protection premiums, creating significant 10% savings from the average insurance premium for life. The company mirrors the service offering of most established legal protection providers without the need to purchase any underwritten product. The company has been in business since 2012 and is located in York.