Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Yes indeed, why pay for motor legal cover when membership with Free Motor Legal is free and lasts for life?

Yet today again it has been revealed that the UK motorist is paying upto £108 million per year with "add on" type policies such as legal expenses insurance due to insurers specifying the add-on product as a default.

Here is a feature from The Guardian confirming this

This means people have to "opt-out" of the cover rather than choosing to select it themselves. Almost reeks of the bank's PPI scandal doesn't it?

Well Free Motor Legal continue to offer a completely free alternative to motorists in England, Scotland & Wales meaning they save around £30 a year and can avoid the expense of the "add ons" the insurers love to serve up to people.

Our membership creates a saving that can be the equivalent of 5-10% off the typical motor insurance premium and these savings just repeat year-on-year due to our free lifetime membership.

Only yesterday a member posted the following comments on our facebook page:

"can recommend Free Motor Legal, as they helped me when my own legal cover which i paid for wouldn't , so many thanks to the Team @FreeMotorLegal , everyone sign up its for life and saves you from Around £30 to £40 per year and i find they are more helpful and push things through faster than the legal cover i paid for, since my experience with free motor legal , i now don't buy legal cover which many insurance companies add this as a standard no need i trust and thankyou all at Free Motor Legal"

We hope this helps to demonstrate there is no compromise by avoiding the cover the insurers want to throw at you without asking.

Please check out our website for full details on how we can save all motorists in England, Scotland & Wales on their motor insurance cover for cars, bikes, vans & commercials.

You don't need motor legal protection, but you do need Free Motor Legal 


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