Tuesday, 27 January 2015

We want to save the British Motorist over £100m this year - do you want to save?

This is the year when you can make a difference to how much you pay for motor insurance costs. Both this year and every year that follows. We have set a target to save the British motorist over £100m in 2015.

How can we do this and what is the catch?

There is absolutely no catch what so ever and this is how we can do this for you and anyone you know who runs a car, a van, a bike or even a fleet of vehicles, it really is so simple.

There are 32 million cars alone registered in the UK. around 85% of people buying motor insurance also buy legal expenses insurance/ motor legal protection cover as an "add on" to their motor insurance cover. The average price is around £25.00 a year.

Even by playing these figures down substantially to take account of hire cars, fleets belonging to companies etc, is only 50% of those 32 million motorists have paid £25.00 to their insurer for legal cover, that is £400m paid out in premiums by 16 million motorists!

If we look at just 25% of those 16m motorists and can show them that there is a completely free alternative to buying motor legal protection each year, that is 4 million motorists not paying £25 each. That results in savings of £100m for 2015!

But it gets better than that. Joining www.freemotorlegal.co.uk is completely free and your membership lasts for life! So no matter who you insure with in the years to come, you can always avoid paying for the "add on" of motor legal protection as you are already protected with your free membership.

Car insurance costs are rising already. They are expected to rise by around 10% in 2015. For someone paying £250 and below, our free membership is saving them 10% each year. It is almost like having another couple of years no claims discount given to you.

For too long, the UK motorist has not looked outside of the arrangements insurers want to charge them for, yet they can rest assured that membership with Free Motor Legal will not cost them anything and they will be properly cared for in the event of an accident that was not their fault. Exactly the same as what a motor legal protection policy will do.

Spread the word! There is a better way of protecting yourself against the costs of a non-fault accident and it will not cost you a penny!

Join today for free and share in the £100m of savings to the UK this year and every year to come.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Motor insurance premiums are creeping up again

Analysis from the 4th quarter of 2014 shows a 2% increase on the average motor insurance premium at the end of 2014 according to a survey by confused.com and Towers Watson This equates to an average of £12 a year increase. Nothing to get particularly excited about but it shows a trend as this is the 2nd increase on the run.

One thing motorists can do to help keep the increases down and actually save money is by avoiding paying for motor legal protection insurance, which is usually sold for around £25-£30 per annum, per vehicle. This means a household with more than one vehicle will be paying on average £27.50 per vehicle for "legal cover".

What motorists can do to save on these "add on" policies and reduce their annual insurance costs is take out membership with Free Motor Legal  as a free alternative to buying motor legal protection insurance. Better still, the membership with Free Motor Legal is free and lasts for life! So you don't need to keep having this problem each year when your insurance is due for renewal as your Free Motor Legal membership just continues and you keep on saving.

Have a look at our video below which gives some more background on how our membership works and then visit our website to register today for free, even if your insurance is not up for renewal register now and start saving immediately!

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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Happy New Year!

First of all, may we wish all our members a Happy New Year for 2015!

Hopefully a great year awaits with many opportunities and pleasant times ahead. Speaking of opportunities, for any petrol heads among you, why not enter our free competition to win a pair of tickets to the AutoSport International / Performance Car show at the Birmingham NEC on Saturday 10th January?

Yes, we have a pair of tickets to give away (competition closes at 3pm on Thursday 8th January). All you have to to is visit our facebook page and "like" the page.

Another year of savings on your motor insurance costs awaits you all by avoiding paying for motor legal protection insurance. Your Free Motor Legal membership takes care of that and ensures you never have to pay for such cover again.

We recently uploaded a video to our website which answers a lot of the questions people often have about how Free Motor Legal works.

This year we hope to bring you news of more benefits to your membership that will make choosing www.freemotorlegal.co.uk the only choice when looking after your motor legal protection needs as well as helping to save money on your motoring costs.

Best wishes for 2015

Lee Jones
Managing Director
Free Motor Legal Ltd