Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Who you gonna call?

Over the last few months we have been helping many of our members following non-fault collisions. Sometimes there are members who have contacted their insurers before calling Free Motor Legal.

This results, all too often, in the member being asked to pay their policy excess and then they need to claim this back by using their Free Motor Legal membership. We are quite happy to assist any member in this situation, but we have a better solution. Call us first!
By calling our freephone number 0800 144 44 88 to report the incident to our 24 hour claims team, you can often side-step the need to use your own insurance cover and this means you can avoid being placed out of pocket and having to pay any excess or other costs. Of course you still need to inform your insurer of the incident as your policy terms & conditions will require you to do this, but you can notify them of the incident "for information purposes only" after you have reported the claim to our claims line. 
Being a member of Free Motor Legal is all about getting the best post-accident service without having to pay any fees or expenses, so why put yourself in a position of having to pay your excess when this can be avoided in a great many situations?
Here is what some of our members have said recently after their claims were dealt with by our team.
"I would recommend Free Motor Legal to anyone as I already had this cover with my current insurer but they didn't even try to help" Mr M – Pontypridd
"I would just like to thank you for the fabulous service I have received - after all I have been through you have provided an excellent service and brought this to a resolution in a very short period of time" Mr N – Musselburgh
You have already made the smart move of saving yourself money year-on-year by becoming a member of Free Motor Legal, many are still to discover the new way of protecting themselves from unnecessary annual insurance costs, so make sure you use your membership for the full benefit you can receive by calling our 24 hour claims line first after a collision, we may be able to help and save you any further expense
We are not just there for repairs to a damaged car or bike. If you or any passengers in your vehicle are injured, we can arrange for treatment such as physiotherapy at the outset. Yes we will make sure that our specialist lawyers obtain you the maximum amount of compensation with no deduction being taken from your settlement, but rubbing your neck with £20 notes will not get rid of what can be a pretty unpleasant and intrusive injury, will it?
You have subscribed to what we feel is the best all round accident care package and this is free of charge. Why not use the benefits of your membership?
The insurance industry continue to charge for motor legal protection products and as long as people will keep paying for them, the insurers will continue to sell what we feel is an unnecessary and outdated product. It is boom time again for insurers, with record profits being announced, and they are only too happy to charge you £30 on top of your motor premium to essentially sell your details on to their business partners after an accident. You have already escaped the madness of buying motor legal protection, now make sure your friends and family don’t continue to fall for these tactics.

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Until next time, happy motoring and enjoy what will hopefully be an excellent summer.


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