Thursday, 9 January 2014

No Win - No Fee in the spotlight

I have blogged previously about how the RAC Motor Legal Protection policy they were giving away to their members had a sting in the tail, namely if the member made a personal injury claim using the appointed solicitors of RAC, they stood to lose 25% of their compensation.

This seems to be coming more common and other providers of legal expense insurance, where the customer has actually paid for legal cover, are finding novel ways of taking a share of any injury compensation by applying an "excess" to the policy or the deduction of a "success fee" by the lawyer.

This in my view pretty much defeats the point of paying for legal expenses insurance/ motor legal protection cover if you are going to lose some of your compensation to the solicitor they appoint to act for you. You would be just as well using your local High St solicitor under a no win-no fee arrangement, although he too would want to take a slice of your winnings as a "success fee".

Recently the legal ombudsman has released a report following a surge of complaints about solicitors deducting success fees following settlement of a claim, or pursuing their client for £1000's when the case turns sour. Often the circumstances can be unique to the case, but there appears to be a rising tide of these type of complaints.

Here at Free Motor Legal, any member that uses our recommended solicitors for a personal injury claim will be guaranteed not to have any deduction taken from their compensation. This is just one of the many reasons that makes sense to join the UK's leading free alternative to buying motor legal protection insurance.

Being involved in a road accident can be a stressful and sometimes life-changing situation. So why should you be punished by losing up to 25% of your compensation?

More and more people are discovering the value of Free Motor Legal, that not only saves you money compared to paying for cover each year, but also ensures that if the worst does happen and you need to claim for your injuries or losses, you are going to keep 100% of your compensation.

Lee Jones
Managing Director
Free Motor Legal Ltd


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