Monday, 27 January 2014

Could you double your motor insurance savings by joining Free Motor Legal?

A report today on the BBC News website says that according to data supplied by the Association of British Insurers (ABI), motor insurance premiums fell by an average of £36.00 or 8.9% in 2013.

This is of course good news for all. But members of Free Motor Legal will have also saved themselves on average £30.00 per annum by simply joining for free!

Remember folks, not only will you save yourself £30 on average over 2013/2014, but you will continue to save that amount each and every year into the future as our membership is 100% free and there is no need to renew each year. So your membership just rolls on and you need never pay for motor legal protection/ legal expenses insurance cover again.

Many people are still being sold this cover per vehicle in the household. So a family with 2-3 cars in the household are paying for this cover many times over each year.

Help reduce the costs of your motor insurance, whether it is for cars, motorbikes, motorhomes or even for commercial vehicles, join the revolution and double your savings to almost 20% reduction on motor insurance costs by simply registering for free at our site

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