Friday, 8 February 2013

The Largest ever repair bill for vehicle repairs in Britain.

A new record has recently been set for the highest cost of repairs to a motor vehicle. Rowan Atkinson of Black Adder fame crashed his McLaren F1 in November 2011.

It was a serious accident which injured the star's shoudler and caused considerable damage to the McLaren after it hit a tree. The engine was found 20 yards away from the vehicle.

The final cost of repairs came to an eye watering £910'000 and it took some time to get the go ahead on the repairs. The cars were originally approx £640k new, but used models have changed hands for as high as £3.5m.

This beats the previous record which was around £300k for repairs to a Pagani Zonda which was paid by Aviva. News of the incident was orignally broadcast on BBC Top Gear when Rowan was interviewed by Jeremy Clarkson.