Thursday, 24 January 2013

It is now being reported that some of the major established players in the motor legal expenses insurance market are seeing a decline in the number of people buying their Motor Legal Protection policies.

This has been reported on a specialist legal website here

Some of the blame is being placed on the way policies are sold via the price comparison sites. Often customers are given the option of removing various add-ons to their motor quote. Many people are buying their insurance on price, so one of the ways to reduce the cost of 1 year of motor insurance cover is to do away with the "extras" such as Motor Legal Protection.

People are therefore "doing without" this cover, which can leave them exposed to more problems in getting any non-fault claim dealt with. Or even the simple recovery of a policy excess.

This is where can help. Although we are not selling motor legal protection insurance, subscribers to our free service can still have somebody available to take care of any arrangements following a motor accident that was not their fault.

Therefore, people can continue to save money from their annual motor insurance costs without leaving themselves vulnerable or to fend for themselves following a non-fault motor accident.

So spread the word to your friends, family & work colleagues. You can save money by avoiding purchasing Motor Legal Protection from your insurer or broker, whilst still having resources in place to help you out should you be involved in a collision that was not your fault.

Free Motor Legal is free to subscribe to and once you have subscribed, you are subscribed for life, so no need to be charged for Motor Legal Protection Insurance again.

We urge people to act now, rather than forget about it and find your renewal of insurance has included costly and unnecessary cover.

You can register free here

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