Thursday, 24 January 2013

It is now being reported that some of the major established players in the motor legal expenses insurance market are seeing a decline in the number of people buying their Motor Legal Protection policies.

This has been reported on a specialist legal website here

Some of the blame is being placed on the way policies are sold via the price comparison sites. Often customers are given the option of removing various add-ons to their motor quote. Many people are buying their insurance on price, so one of the ways to reduce the cost of 1 year of motor insurance cover is to do away with the "extras" such as Motor Legal Protection.

People are therefore "doing without" this cover, which can leave them exposed to more problems in getting any non-fault claim dealt with. Or even the simple recovery of a policy excess.

This is where can help. Although we are not selling motor legal protection insurance, subscribers to our free service can still have somebody available to take care of any arrangements following a motor accident that was not their fault.

Therefore, people can continue to save money from their annual motor insurance costs without leaving themselves vulnerable or to fend for themselves following a non-fault motor accident.

So spread the word to your friends, family & work colleagues. You can save money by avoiding purchasing Motor Legal Protection from your insurer or broker, whilst still having resources in place to help you out should you be involved in a collision that was not your fault.

Free Motor Legal is free to subscribe to and once you have subscribed, you are subscribed for life, so no need to be charged for Motor Legal Protection Insurance again.

We urge people to act now, rather than forget about it and find your renewal of insurance has included costly and unnecessary cover.

You can register free here

Friday, 18 January 2013

What is Free Motor Legal?

A fresh and dynamic approach to an often overlooked area of car insurance. Usually people get sold a legal protection policy as a costly add-on when they buy or renew their motor insurance. Typical premiums are £25.00 per annum. But we have seen examples of insurers asking for nearly £40.00 for 12 months cover.

This may not sound like much, but it is a bit of a dirty secret of the insurance world and the insurers have been abusing this component of motor insurance for years.

Motor legal protection insurance is sold to people on the premise that there will be £100k of legal expenses protection there to save the day if they have an accident and need to claim back losses and expenses from the party at fault.

The reality of the situation is quite different. Essentially all that happens is the legal protection policy the customer has purchased is merely used as a claims capture mechanism in the hunt for referral fees from injury lawyers. But worse than this, the policy never actually gets claimed against as all of these policies stipulate that your claim must have “reasonable prospects of success”. This is so that the underwriters of the legal protection policies never actually have to pay out any legal costs, because only the good cases get taken on.

The claims usually get passed to very large law firms, or “factory firms” where the poor unqualified souls that work there are simply overburdened with colossal sized caseloads and are targeted to simply get the claim settled as quickly as possible. This often means the claim is under-settled and the client gets poor service.

So the customer is sold a policy that actually never gets claimed against or prohibits any borderline claims being considered. Great value for money eh!? But it gets better, not only has your insurer or broker pulled the wool over your eyes by taking money off you for the policy, they then make a killing out of your misery by earning hundreds of pounds in referral fees when they refer you on to solicitors and hire companies etc. Bit of a double-blow for the consumer don’t you think?

In 2012 the Admiral Group of insurers were reported in the press to have taken over £24m of referral fees alone as "ancillary services".

Really speaking, it is not necessary to buy an actual motor legal protection policy, you just need to have somebody in place to take care of matters for you if you do have a collision that was not your fault. is a genuine free alternative to wasting your money on buying a motor legal protection policy. We are not an insurance policy.

We are a free subscription service that you join by providing just your basic details. You only need to join once and therefore no need to renew each year like when buying a policy from your insurer or broker. So the savings on premiums continue year on year and the subscriber never has to pay for motor legal protection insurance again.

Subscribers receive a welcome pack with essential contact information and free keyring. This ensures that they have the right contact information with them should the unfortunate happen. A freephone number puts them in contact with our first response unit who will immediately assess the situation and if the matter was a non-fault incident, a whole range of services are then available to the subscriber, such as replacement like for like vehicle, repairs taken care of with no excess to pay, recovery of any expenses such as lost earnings. If anybody in the vehicle has suffered injury we first get the person referred for physiotherapy treatment and if they want to claim compensation for injury, an experienced lawyer is appointed, not a factory firm.

No insurance is necessary. Any legal costs are bourne by the appointed lawyer under a non win-no fee agreement and the subscriber keeps 100% of their compensation.

This is a revolution in motor legal protection. All the front line service of the best service providers in the industry, with no cost to the subscriber. Kind of how it should be don’t you think?

Motorists have never individually shopped around for this cover as it generally can only be purchased as an add-on alongside their motor insurance policy. So they either get stung for a £25+ additional premium, or they chose to not take out the cover in order to save money. This leaves them without assistance following a non-fault accident and they have to go searching for a claims management company or a lawyer at a time when there is enough stress and inconvenience due to the accident. are shaking up the establishment and providing motorists with a truly free alternative service that should have always been there.

In these times of austerity, this provides all motorists in the UK with a way of reducing their annual insurance costs, without having to compromise on the benefits usually found on a paid for motor legal protection policy.

This is not only open to private car drivers. We are able to look after motorcyclists, commercial vehicle operators and fleets of vehicles including taxis, buses, coaches and HGV’s.

Welcome to the revolution!